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Instant Farm Animal Coalition Networking


In the AfA, we uses Slack, a smart instant messaging app  to connect people together in a single shared space. Slack has been innovative in transforming the way organizations communicate to share messages and information quickly and effectively. For the Farm Animal Coalition, we would like to utilize it to its fullest to connect and build an online community of organizations, rescue centers and experts in farm animal advocacy. 


As a member of the AfA and the FAC Coalition, the biggest perk is the opportunity to network, ask advice, and start conversations on your challenges and successes with people and organizations just like you- instantly!


On Slack you can instantly ask if someone has dealt with similar issues you have or discuss topics affecting farm animals. The correspondence ranges from appeal letter support, liaison with parties with experience in a particular area or promotion of events. If you are tired of having long email chains, Slack may be a good option to get involved in to start conversations faster and more efficiently.  














All Member and Associate contacts of the SARC Coalition" (or "All SARCC Member and Associate contacts

All Member and Associate contacts of theFAC Coalition are automatically added to the online FAC Slack community. To join the conversation and the FAC community on SLACK, email our FAC coordinators about joining today at or





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