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Farm Animal Coalition - Policy Subgroup

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Who we are

Who we are

We are a group of nominated individuals from Asian NGOs/CSOs doing Farmed Animal advocacy programmes in Asia.


We recognise that this region’s effective farmed animal welfare policy intersects with food sovereignty. Security, human rights, and environmental concerns are essential cornerstones for effectively operationalizing farmed animal welfare policy in Asia.

What is our vision as a working group?

  • ​A better world for millions of Farmed Animals in Asia through a policy recognising them as sentient beings with mental, physical, and emotional needs.

  • A group of people, individuals, and organizations who are working together to effectively engage key institutions in developing and implementing policies benefiting Farmed Animals across Asia.

As the International Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection, Vince has extensive knowledge and experience working in the area of policy after several years of working in multiple projects and programs across the region

Policy subgroup leader

What is our mission as a group?

  • ​We want to end animal suffering by collaborating to influence key government institutions in Asia through successful policy work.

  • We will publicly raise the profile on the importance of farmed animal policy in Asia.

  • We will work strategically with organizations and individuals in Asia to campaign to develop and implement farmed animal welfare policy in Asia.

  • We will contribute to building a movement of people and organizations in developing and implementing animal welfare policy in Asia.

Vince Cinches

What will we do as a group?

  • We will provide a platform to access critical government policies linked to farmed animal welfare in Asia.

  • We will facilitate activities to help build the policy campaigning capacity of individuals and organizations in Asia.

  • We will organize policy research to address gaps in crucial strategic policy areas in Asia.

  • We will regularly share bulletins looking at policy trends, opportunities, and timely insights. 

  • We will actively involve ourselves in global platforms to leverage Asia policy work and link it to critical global moments, e.g. climate, food systems, human rights, etc.

Our activities

What is required for members of the subgroup?

  • ​Circulation of global/Asian policy information.

  • Monthly update on national or regional policies.

  • Regular meeting of the working group on progress.

  • Engage with local relevant companies and get involved in the local and regional activities.

Success measurements
Current members

Current subgroup members

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