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Farm Animal Coalition - Corporate Outreach Subgroup

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Who we are

Who we are

We are a group of nominated individuals from Asia NGOs/CSOs doing Farmed Animal Welfare programs in Asia. 

We recognise that millions of animals are suffering in confinement, inhumane slaughtering from the current animal agriculture in Asia and institutional changes that can influence the life of millions of animals in meat supply chains could be achieved by engaging corporations in our regions.

What is our vision as a subgroup?

The AfA members unite our energy and resources to eliminate caged confinement and inhumane slaughtering and stunning methods from the current animal agriculture in Asia and work with impactful corporations in our regions to bring institutional changes that greatly influence the animal meat supply chains.

Maho holds the position of Cooporate Relations Specialist at The Humane League Japan with years of experiences in doing cage-free campaigns and extensive knowledge of effective corporate liaison strategies

Corporate Outreach subgroup leader

What is our mission as a group?

  • The AfA Corporate Outreach team will engage with the target companies (TBD). 

  • The AfA Corporate Outreach team will obtain new cage-free procurement policies in 5 years (by 2028 - TBD).


What will we do as a group?


  • Sending AfA appeal letters, one/multiple AfA - FAC members could start petitions and collect signatures to target companies to encourage them to consider procuring cage-free eggs & pig farming methods. Petitions can be shared on the FAC website

  • It is up to the AfA members to directly engage with the company's contact people to enforce the AfA’s requests and petitions if that is effective.


  • Using the AfA’s resources, AfA can start webinars to educate corporations on the cage-free issues and the world trends.  

  • The AfA could establish a conference dedicated to cage-free/animal welfare issues, inviting corporations and producers. This makes the cage-free movement and farm animal initiatives and the AfA activities more inclusive.

Our activities

What is required for members of the subgroup?

  • Circulation of global corporate outreach information.

  • Monthly update on national or regional corporate outreach practices and campaigns.

  • Regular meeting of the working group on progress.

  • Engage with local relevant companies and get involved in the local and regional activities.

Current members

Current subgroup members

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