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Farm Animal Coalition - Animal Alternatives Working Group


Who we are

We are a group of nominated individuals from Asia NGOs/CSOs doing Farmed Animal Advocacy program in Asia 


We recognise that meat alternatives are part of the solution to ending the suffering of animals in factory farms and transforming the global food system into one that is more healthy and humane.

What is our vision as a working group?

To build a consensus on reduction of livestock products with alternative protein in Asia.

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Animal Alternatives working group leader

Jeff Zhou is no stranger to the world of farm animal advocacy work in the Asian continent. As China Chief Representative at Compassion in World Farming, he possesses years of professional experiences in many organizations as well as insights gained from his tireless works in the field

What is our mission as a group?

  • To unite those who advocate for and promote alternative protein  (AP) through direct engagement and communications, and building a joint movement for change.

  • To promote innovative food production of plant-based meat, cultured meat or protein from fermentation that replace the consumption of conventional meat from intensively farmed animals.


What will we do as a group?

  • We build a network of knowledge sharing and promotion, develop a platform for dialogue and communication, and enhance propaganda through media outreach.

  • We work together to develop a clear map of NGOs, bodies, companies, as well as their activities working on AP in Asia, bring about collaborations and encourage stakeholders to make commitments on making the change.

  • Build a consensus on meat reduction with alternative protein in Asia for the benefit of reducing animal cruelty and a sustainable future.

  • Work with retailers and stakeholders to develop practical plans of meat reduction with alternative protein in their supply chains.


How do we measure success

  • Number of impactful AP coverages in major events?

  • Number of commitments and practices on meat reduction with AP in the food business?


What is required for members of the working group?

  • Circulation of global AP movement information.

  • Monthly update on national or regional AP policies.

  • Bimonthly meeting of the working group on progress.


Current working group members

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