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DACC stands as a coalition driven by its members. Together, our members unite to champion the cause of dog and cat welfare throughout Asia. We host regular meetings to facilitate fruitful discussions among our members, enabling them to address the challenges they encounter, share valuable insights, provide updates on their work, and seek assistance from one another.

In addition, DACC coordinators are entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating the meetings. They play a crucial role in ensuring smooth proceedings by taking comprehensive meeting notes, highlighting key action points, and fostering connections among the members. The coordinators act as a bridge, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among the DACC community.

To join the conversations or suggest a sub-working group, email our DACC coordinator at

Community animal subgroup

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Our mission is to foster connections and solidarity among organizations dedicated to community dog and cat welfare, including areas such as dog culling, population management, and disease control. To achieve this, we arrange regular meetings where our members can:

  1. Engage in open discussions about the pressing challenges they encounter and seek advice from fellow members.

  2. Collaborate on developing regional resources that offer valuable insights and guidance.

  3. Collaborate on compiling resources that assess the effectiveness of TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) initiatives.


Through these initiatives, we strive to enhance knowledge sharing, promote effective strategies, and ultimately improve the well-being of dogs and cats in communities across our region.

Current subgroup members

Dog and cat meat trade subgroup

DACC serves as the central hub for organizations dedicated to ending the dog and cat meat trade. As part of our efforts, we organize quarterly meetings for our members, providing them with a platform to:

  1. Share updates on the current situations in their respective regions regarding the dog and cat meat trade.

  2. Facilitate the exchange of cultural facts and differences that can contribute to the collective knowledge and strategies of the members.

  3. Collaborate on developing policy fact sheets that can offer valuable assistance to one another in their advocacy work.

By fostering collaboration, information sharing, and cultural understanding, we strive to strengthen the collective efforts aimed at bringing an end to the dog and cat meat trade.

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Current subgroup members


Greyhound racing subgroup

DACC facilitates meetings for its members to provide updates on the current state of dog racing. We strive to create a central platform where members can share advice, insights, and collaborate on various activities related to this issue. 

Current subgroup members

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