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As a visitor to the AfA website, you may well support the campaigns on the site, but not have time to go to each and every petition page or pledge page and make your voice heard.

Below we have set up sign up boxes that enable you to sign up to multiple petitions with one single entry. If you have ALREADY signed up to some of the petitions, do not worry, your name will only be added to those petitions or pledges that you have not previously signed. The system will recognise if you have already signed to a particular cause and will NOT add a duplicate.

You can choose to sign ALL pledges and petitions with the box on the left. Or you can sign the petitions only, or the pledges only with either of the other two boxes. For details of the petitions and pledges, please see the pages linked below.

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Please use this box for signing ALL AfA petitions

Sign ALL AfA Pledges

Please use this box for signing ALL AfA pledges

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