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Apr 24, 2012

Welfare of Animals in Zoos, Indonesia

Welfare of Animals in Zoos, Indonesia

The situation for many animals in Indonesian zoos remains dire, with thousands of animals suffering under appalling living conditions. The AfA coalition has written to the Directorate General Forest Protection & Nature Conservation in Indonesia calling for:

  • The strengthening of the current ministerial decree regulating captive animal facilities;
  • The development of national zoo legislation incorporating minimum animals welfare standards;
  • Compulsory inspection and licensing of all captive wild animal facilities.

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Neglect and suffering at Surabaya Zoo

Media reports have exposed the high death rate and appalling living conditions for many animals at the Surabaya zoo. See a CNN report here for more details.

The managers of the zoo have wilfully encouraged the breeding and acquisition of animals without considering the resources required to provide for the needs of the animals under their care, or the provision of staff training to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure appropriate care and management.

The AfA coalition has written to the Mayor of Surabaya offering advice and support, and the provision of wild animal veterinary and behavioural management experts to improve the situation for the animals at the zoo.

Click here to see a copy of this letter

In April 2014 the Surabaya zoo director invited Wild Welfare ( to visit the zoo and carry out a welfare assessment. The assessment has identified key areas of welfare concern, and isolated the issues where meaningful improvements can be made. During the assessment, basic veterinary treatment for some of the animals was also provided. This is the start of a constructive relationship between the zoo and an organisation that has the skills, expertise and capacity to ensure significant welfare improvements for the animals housed at Surabaya zoo.

For updates on the progress of the welfare assessment please visit and/or!indonesia---surabaya-zoo/c1b5e 

The AfA coalition supports the work of Wild Welfare and will continue to monitor the situation for animals within the zoo.

Take Action

Sign a petition calling for the development of national zoo legislation in Indonesia

I am deeply concerned with regards to the welfare of animals within Indonesian zoos. Media reports continue to document the appalling conditions for animals within many zoos , with unsuitable and inadequate conditions resulting in animal suffering and, on occasion, death.

I thereby urge you to work with the international zoo community and animal welfare experts to develop new regulations which incorporate animal welfare concepts and provide support for zoos to improve the welfare of the animals they house.

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