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Jun 17, 2013

Dolphins in travelling circuses, Indonesia

Minister shuts down dolphin attractions but dolphins remain in travelling circuses

In February 2013 amid mounting public pressure, including a letter from the AfA coalition, Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan announced that he would end the use of dolphins for entertainment in travelling circuses. He ordered his staff to confiscate the dolphins and to immediately move them to the Dolphin Rehabilitation Center in Kemujan, Karimun Jawa.

Minister Hasan said “The environment for the dolphins used for entertainment was unsuitable and a life in the wild was much better for them’. Zulkifli admitted that Government Regulation (PP) No. 8/1999 had provided a leeway for traveling dolphin circuses. “I understand that many people have criticized this sort of activity. Many people have protested via Twitter. This attraction received the attention of the international community. Now, we are eager to revise the regulation. We will revise it soon,” he stressed.

Yet the dolphins remain in captivity and the performances continue despite the government commitment to end them.

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Sign a petition calling on the the Indonesian government to honour their commitment to end the exploitation of dolphins in travelling circuses

I am deeply concerned with regards to the continued exploitation of dolphins being used for entertainment in travelling circuses.

In February 2013, the Indonesian government expressed commitment to close these attractions. I am concerned to hear that, to date, no dolphins have been confiscated and the circus performances continue.

I thereby urge you to implement your ruling, not to renew the permits for these dolphin shows, and to urgently confiscate the dolphins for rehabilitation back into the wild as soon as possible.

Signatures: 1794

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