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Dec 31, 2012

Animal Suffering in Circuses, China- A Growing Concern

Animals in travelling circuses and animal performances at zoos, safari parks, and marine parks, remain a popular visitor attraction in China.

A number of large animal performance arenas have developed in recent years demonstrating continuing public support for the use of animals in circus shows. These include arenas in Zhuhai and Xiamen as well as the well-established performance arena at Chimelong safari park in Guangzhou.

Similarly, international 'travelling circuses' appear to be gaining popularity, such as those from Russia, and an increasing number of marine parks are developing across China and using wild caught cetaceans within their performances.

There is also concern that some zoos and safari parks are using wild caught chimpanzees, illegally imported from Africa within their circus shows.

Despite a ministerial directive issued in October 2010 banning the use of animals in circus style performances in the traditional zoos, a number of these zoos continue to use and abuse animals in such performances.

The AfA coalition takes regular actions on specific circuses within China, writing to both national and regional governments to raise awareness of the animal suffering and calling for an end to these practices.

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Sign a petition calling for an end to the use of animals in circus performances

The use of animals in circus performances as part of travelling circuses and static shows in zoos, safari parks and ocean parks, is causing immense physical and psychological suffering for many thousands of animals across China.

Chinese zoos, safari parks and ocean parks will always be viewed on the international stage as being a place where animals suffer for entertainment whilst these performances continue.

I thereby urge you to work with the ministerial authorities responsible for these institutions to enact a nationwide ban on the use of animals in circus performances.

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