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The Asia for Animals Coalition raises appeals regarding either facility-, policy-, or incident-specific concerns, or broader animal welfare issues where appropriate.  These appeal letters are drafted by our coordinators in collaboration with relevant experts, citing scientific evidence, legal & ethical guidelines, and are always based on reports and evidence submitted by members or trusted partners. In certain circumstances, for example in light of specific political sensitivities, an NGO may not wish their involvement with a particular appeal to  be made public and we always honor such wishes.


Once drafted, appeal letters are circulated first to all Core Member Organizations' (CMOs)  approval and support. Appeals are then forwarded to the Network Organizations so that they may add (or withdraw) their support as necessary. Network organizations can choose to automatically support all appeals, meaning that their support will automatically be added to appeals in step 4 of the process above unless they tell us otherwise within 7 working days. 

Finalized appeal letters are then sent directly to the facility, authority or government department directly from the coalition. The organization or individual who raised the issue initially always has the option of being named or remaining anonymous.

With such a strong coalition of CMOs and an average of 180 network organizations adding support to each of our appeal letters, we have the potential to make a real impact, especially when our addressing to government officials and  highlighting the level of global public scrutiny. 


If you wish to run an appeal letter through your organization, you could have our network organizations contacting you directly or have AfA's help and support in gathering organizations' names and logos (or any other information you require) on your behalf. 

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