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Submit an abstract to speak at
AfA Sarawak 2023 - Education and Engagement Bring Change

Message from the Scientific Committee


Submission of abstracts is open to all individuals, organizations, institutions, companies and agencies across the world. Abstracts are received by the Scientific Committee, examined for content and relevance to the Conference’s theme of Education and Engagement bring Change.


Authors of approved abstracts will be invited to submit full papers to be presented at the Conference. Guidelines are available to help you in submitting concise and impactful papers.


The Conference’s theme has three fundamental aspects: education, engagement and effecting change. The Conference’s technical presentations therefore aims to compile a body of work that covers initiatives, studies, campaigns or research projects that relate to animals and education, engagement and the positive change these efforts bring.


We welcome papers from all walks of life which bring new ideas and perspectives, reinforce existing approaches to animal conservation, and stories from the field on the human-animal frontier. We invite scientists, working conservationists, naturalists, campaigners and students to submit papers which would enrich our conference.

Deadline for the first stage of abstract submission is February 28, 2023; 11:59pm (GMT +8:00).

For those who are selected, the conference scientific committee will be in touch with you, by email, by March 15, 2023. If your abstract is not selected, you will also be informed.

Final submission of research papers is March 31, 2023 with approval no later than June 6, 2023 for all speakers and presentations.

Full submission of all powerpoint presentations will be expected by September 5, 2023

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Submit an abstract

Guidelines for Submitting Presentation Abstracts

  1. The working language of this conference is English. No translation services will be provided.

  2. All presentations must be delivered within 20 minutes.

  3. All presentations should contribute directly to the theme of the Conference. The Conference theme is Education and Engagement Bring Change.

  4. An abstract shall be submitted to the organizing committee by February 28, 2023, 11:59pm (GMT+8:00) via the form. Abstracts shall not exceed 300 words. Abstracts received which exceed the 300 word limit will not be considered. 

  5. Abstracts may be submitted online via the form below - link also: 

  6. A biography of the presenter shall be submitted together with the abstract via the online form below. Biographies should not exceed 50 words. 

  7. All Abstracts will be reviewed by the host organization Scientific Committee. All submissions will be responded to no later than March 15, 2023.

  8. All correspondence regarding abstracts should be addressed to Ms. Alcila Abby, Project Manager at

  9. General event related questions can be directed to our event team at:

  10. Approved speakers will automatically have their delegate fee waived.

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